The Gates "Tennis for Kids" Outreach Program
The Gates Tennis Center is committed to providing tennis to anyone with the desire to play. Scholaraships are available to children for lessons, league play, and equipment. Scholarships are available to all juniors that meet the criteria set forth within the application. The Tennis for Kids outreach committee meets on a monthly basis to review scholarships. If you or anyone you know is interested in applying for a scholarship please review the scholarship application or call the Gates Tennis Center. Volunteers and donors are always welcome as well.

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Denver Public School P.E. Teachers and the Gates Staff have fun for a Good Cause!
The Gates Tennis Center and Denver Public Schools join forces to bring the game of tennis to juniors that may not otherwise have the opportunity to play. P.E. teachers from Denver Public Schools got a taste of what their kids can receive at the Gates Tennis Center. Teachers got to be the students for a day as they ran through a variety of drills while receiving tips on forehands and backhands. We thank all the teachers that participated and look forward to seeing their students out on the court. 

Phone: 303-355-4461
Tennis for Kids is Adding a Tennis Buddy Program
Over the past six years, the Tennis for Kids Outreach Program, has provided hundreds of kids the opportunity to play tennis, receive instruction and have the right equipment. New in 2013, participants will also have the opportunity to have a mentor. Mentors are caring, supportive tennis players from the Gates Tennis Center community, who are committed to giving a couple hours per week to a kid in the Tennis for Kids Program. Are you interested in being one of those Tennis Buddies? If so, send us an e-mail. Maybe being a Tennis Buddy isn't your cup of tea, but you'd still like to get involved anyway. If so, we would love to hear from you as well.
Ticket Sales to the Colorado State Open is a Great Cause
Would you like support tennis for underprivileged kids and the Colorado State Open at the same time? You can, by selling tickets to the Colorado State Open. All ticket sale proceeds benefit the Tennis for Kids Outreach program, and increases attendance at the Colorado State Open, but it also can benefit you! By selling tickets you have an opportunity to earn great prizes such as tennis shoes, rackets, and even an ipad.  Click here to learn more about prize opportunities.  Or, if you are a high school coach or player and want to raise money for your school team, that is another option. For more information email us at .

Tennis for Kids to Gates Staff!
We are happy to welcome Amadou to the Gates Staff!  Amadou is a very special young man that started out in the Tennis for Kids Outreach program, and is now part of the Gate’s staff. We initially met Amadou about 5 years ago when he was 12 years old. One of our Top Dog Doubles participants and regulars at Gates was a “Big Brother” to Amadou. He introduced us to Amadou and got him involved with tennis through the Tennis for Kids Outreach program. Because Amadou was such a good kid and a hard worker he received his instructional costs were subsidized by the Tennis for Kids program. In that time Amadou has developed into an outstanding young man and is really well liked by all the Gate’s staff. Please click here to learn more about Amadou and his journey from the Ivory Coast to becoming an excellent tennis player and person.
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