Brad began working with Gates Tennis Center in 2022 and has a passion for photography and zest to capture moments in time. Travel, action, landscape, and people bring out his creativity.

Telling a “story” through images is the goal when working with clients. He has drawn praise for capturing the perfect moment in time to bring smiles and allow great memories to be shared with others. Brad would love  to learn and, in some small measure, to retell your story through photos.

If you're a tennis or pickleball players, keep an eye out on GTC official  photography to see if you've been captured through Brad's creative lens.



Harvesting the holistic benefits of mother earth, Pachamama cultivates her nurturing power to sell CBD products, that support an abundant life. Pachamama entered the health and wellness industry to change lives by helping people incorporate healthy alternatives and creative methods into their day-to-day. Now, Pachamama is expanding on that approach to balance by crafting unparalleled CBD products that you can use daily to form noticeable changes into your own life .To learn more about their single-origin practices, air extraction process, infused ingredients, and awards, head over to their Education page.


Stevinson Porsche is a proud sponsor of Gates Tennis Center and is the #1 volume dealer in the region! Visit our new state of the art facility. We offer outstanding selection and a staff of veteran Porsche Specialists that are true enthusiasts. Why buy from Stevinson Imports of Littleton?

  • Local source for factory authorized Porsche sales, parts, and service.

  • Founded in 1962

  • Full selection of new and used Porsche vehicles

  • Serving the greater Denver area

  • Located in Colorado



Caveman Chefs offers healthy, convenient, prepared meals, designed to fit your needs. Here are a few key points that drive their business:

  • Caveman is devoted to bringing food back to its roots.

  • They are changing the way we eat so we can be healthy in our minds, our bodies, & maintain a healthy planet.

  • They are champions of environmental stewardship, sustainability, and humanely raised meats.

  • Caveman offers the worlds best 100% grass-fed beef and lamb.  100% Antibiotic and hormone free pork and chicken.  Wild caught Alaskan and verlasso salmon. Local, organic, & seasonal vegetables.




Watts Up LED is a complete LED lighting solutions company that offers products and installation for Commercial, Government, Industrial and Healthcare projects. They provide clients with product recommendations, customized quotes, project management and installation. They also complete the utility rebate applications on behalf of their clients to ensure that they maximize their rebate potential. Watts Up LED will work closely with your facility to ensure that your LED project requires minimal out-of-pocket investment with a big Return on Investment.